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Louisa Moller
Hired at WBZ

Louisa Moller <br /> Hired at WBZ

Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist

Louisa Moller is a reporter, investigator, and story-teller who is driven by every aspect of her job. Her great love is to tell stories that can help real people by informing them of issues impacting their families, safety, and their wallets.

In her current position as a general assignment and part-time investigative reporter at WTIC Fox CT in Hartford Connecticut, Louisa has had many opportunities to do just that. She provided continuing coverage for her station of both the tragic Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombings. Louisa reported live, nightly, with hard facts and deep compassion.

She also dug deeper into some of Connecticut’s and the nation’s most publicized stories. She uncovered an interesting exception in the State’s controversial gun law allowing for the purchase, sale, and transfer of assault weapons; exactly what the law was meant to prevent against. And, she revealed that Connecticut’s health insurance exchange through the Affordable Care Act was flawed throughout its first month. The issue was not addressed with the public until after her story came out. Most recently, Louisa used her connections with many of Connecticut’s veterans to expose structural issues in the State and Federal Veterans Administrations.

Louisa started her television career in 2009 as a full-time “one man band” for WTHI the CBS affiliate in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was there where she first gained an appreciation for quality and creative video as well as natural sound. In 2011, Louisa traveled to the Green Mountain State, where she worked as a general assignment reporter at WFFF Fox 44 in Burlington, Vermont. In Vermont, she got her first taste of investigative reporting by uncovering fraud and abuse in a Federal job corps program.

Out of the office, Louisa continues to enjoy being involved in her community. She has MC-ed several events in Connecticut for victim’s services, medical research, and veterans. And when she’s not doing that, you can find her spending a lot of time with her family, often times, watching the news.


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