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Haley Bull
Hired at WXIN

Haley Bull<br> Hired at WXIN


“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” That is the motto Haley Bull lives by. She remembers challenges while swimming in her freshman years in high school and college. The challenge wasn’t swimming, but surgeries both times that could have kept her from the team. Haley worked so hard to overcome those challenges which earned her the title of three time All American by the time she graduated high school and then went on to swim for the University of Maryland.

She has since taken that determination and uses it in everything she does. Haley has a particular passion for stories you can’t teach. What we could teach her is how to add to that gift of storytelling, giving her nuances to her writing that would intrigue viewers and bring in a wider audience. What’s interesting is we certainly were not the first to recognize it. When Haley was in 6th grade in Mason, Ohio she was voted “Future Newswoman.” An award that “inked-in” her journey and set her on this path.

True to the title, while graduating with honors from the University of Maryland with no less than a double major in Government and Politics and Broadcast Journalism, she contributed to the school’s online lifestyle magazine and reported for the Capitol News Service. There she garnered her second award, winning a regional student Emmy. She was a member of UMD's varsity swim team and started swimming competitively at 8 years old. Haley was a three-time high school All-American and a proud Terrapin athlete! And if that doesn’t give you an indication of her “can do” mentality, Haley interned for the CBS Evening News and the Political Unit in the Washington bureau during that time. While at CBS, she was honored to cover the Presidential Inauguration. When asked what that turn at CBS did for her, she said, “I couldn’t pull myself away from watching Bob Orr and Wyatt Andrews, as well as all of the senior producers. It was amazing to research and gather info on the key battleground states and compile information on the possible vice presidential picks.” She was truly blessed to be able to learn from these people putting together a show that she deeply admired.

But you don’t have to be in DC to find and tell interesting stories. They happen in every corner of this country. Haley’s first job out of the gate was at KFDM in Beaumont, TX. She’s made her way from an MMJ to the Weekend Anchor and Investigative Reporter. One very cold November morning she found herself trekking deep in the woods into a homeless camp and settling in with the people that had made a home there. Even though one man described it as hell and despite the despair, they all had a sense of hope. Their ability to see light in such a dark place was inspiring. These are the kinds of stories that matter. These are the people that she can lend a voice to. And, those stories are everywhere in this country. She saw that at the network and she saw it in Beaumont.

Her most recent award was the Southeast Texas Press Club award for series report for "Public Housing: Unfair advantage?"

In her spare time, Haley loves hanging with her friends and exploring places she has never been. She loves day trips that that broaden her horizons.

Haley Bull has been hired on at WXIN Indianapolis, Indiana.  


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