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Andreina Centlivre
Hired at WAVE

Andreina Centlivre <br> Hired at WAVE


Andreina Centlivre is a real “go-getter.” As a Bi-lingual Multi Media Journalist at WBND-ABC57 in South Bend, she was given several awards to prove it. Andreina is now currently working as an MMJ at WAVE in Louisville, Kentucky. The most rewarding aspect as a journalist is to spark a change that brings awareness to an issue that’s long been ignored. She told us early on that she chose this field because she loves telling stories. Her goal, make my audience feel something captivate them and then drop that emotional bomb. When they react, that's how you know you told a good story.

She started her career in broadcasting in 2014 after graduating from the University of Michigan. Andreina is Salvadoran and American and was born and raised in Metro Detroit. She proudly calls the Motor City her home. But her roots run deep in Central America.

In addition to her day turns, Andreina has covered some stories that have gotten the attention of a broader audience. She broke a story on Marshall County's largest case of animal neglect. Thirty plus horses, goats, dogs, and cats were found emaciated on an abandoned training ranch. She won the award for Broadcast News at the EQUUS Film Festival for her work. And, she gained national attention for her coverage of the Elkhart Four. These four teenagers were faced with an unusual felony murder conviction after breaking into a house they believed to be empty only to encounter the owner who shot and killed one of the teenagers. In a bizarre twist of the law, the remaining teens were held responsible for their friend’s homicide, not the homeowner, and later convicted. That conviction was overturned last September by the Indiana Supreme Court vacating all of the convictions for the three remaining teens.

Andreina loves to travel, visiting new places and meeting new people. She has traveled extensively through Latin America with her family visiting relatives and friends. And, she is incredibly close with her family. They mean everything to her.  When we first met her she told us this. “I also chose this field because I want to give a voice to the voiceless. I remember when I was younger one of my aunts who doesn't speak English was having a hard time getting some medication she needed. So I helped her write a letter to the person in charge of her health care and we got the problem fixed. At that moment I learned the power of words.”

Reach out and give us a call about this enthusiastic young woman. She has a big future in the business. We’d like you to be a part of that dream.


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